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Similar to braces, clear aligners use a gradual force to control tooth movement, but without metal wires or brackets.


Routine dental checkups are vital to good oral hygiene and are the best way to detect problems at their earliest stages which saves unnecessary discomfort, time, and money.


A filling repairs and restores the surface of a tooth that has been damaged by decay, fracture, or wear.


Tooth whitening enhances the brightness of natural teeth; but it’s not for everyone. Discuss it with your Dentist before you take action.


Stay calm. Focus on stopping the bleeding and protecting the injured tooth or area by following the appropriate instructions in this section.


A dental crown restores a tooth’s shape, size, and strength. It fully encases the visible portion of your tooth or dental implant.

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Dr. Roya Nematollahi, DDS understands that some patients have concerns about going to the dentist due to a past negative experience. Sensitive to those concerns, he speaks with patients, listens, and ask questions to ensure that patients feel relaxed and comfortable. 


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Dr. Roya Nematollahi, DDS has been treating families throughout the greater Tustin area and providing exceptional dental care. Dr. Roya Nematollahi, DDS started his practice, Bella Dental Group, after realizing that dental patients were not satisfied with the same level of mediocre treatment they had been experiencing. Determined to provide a higher level of care Dr. Roya Nematollahi, DDS opened the doors to Bella Dental Group and has been a dedicated provider of family dentistry services ever since.

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